KMZ Generator

standalone plugin cesium mobile
standalone kmz will run kmzGenerator, and then your browser will ask you to okay the download of a .kmz file. Choose to open it in Google Earth or drag and drop it onto Earth after saving it.

plugin kmz will run kmzGenerator and load the city into the Google Earth Plugin. When the block loads, the load timespans button will become active. Wait until the buildings have finished loading and then push this button to activate the time slider.

Select Blocks to Display
Leave blank for all blocks. When selecting specific blocks, separate each block number with a space.
date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Leave date blank for entire timespan.
Link Mode smart all none
Bubble Mode compact full

Other Generators


Building Form
History Form
No history form.
External Id (if required)
Click on an object in the viewer to see available information about it.