Display Lists of Blocks









The Block Numbers are from late 19th Century fire insurance maps
such at the one one the right.

Map Source: Washington University Digital Gateway
Historic St. Louis Maps

The Block List Format:
     X_Y_A_P.... where X , Y, A, P etc. are any valid Block Numbers. For example, 8_60_983


to be viewed in GoogleEarth Pro.            


Scott Joplin Neighborhood:

Old North Redevelopment:

Lucas Place:

Henry Shaw's Block:

Harlem Creek:

A link to a .kmz localization prototype that:
  1. Includes textures in the .kmz rather than requesting them.
  2. Computes and includes in the .kmz, an initial LookAt

Cesium View Notes

The Date Range:
     The default date range is 1830-2000 and the current date is set to 1930 so it moving the time slider may be necessary to see buildings on particular blocks.

The View:
    The pitch and angle of view are fixed, but the distance is calculated so as to show all chosen Blocks. Thus a List of Blocks geographically separated might display very small building models.